Page Data Extractor


This graph will plot data extracted from page results (status, health pages, etc.).
It uses regular expressions to get key/value pairs.


Consider this real time health page:

To plot a chart from these data, do a simple Test Plan, add a fixed timer to define the delay between 2 servlet call:

Use the following regular expression and run the test:

Note we didn't want the last value, so we added server_SRV3_TOTAL_version in the "exclude label" field of Row Panel.

Console mode

If you want to run the script in non GUI mode, you need the set the result format to XML and add the "Save Response Data" option:

jmeter -n -t PageDataExtractorExample.jmx -l out.jtl

CMDLine Tool

You must use the --extractor-regexps parameter for the command line tool and pass as arguments keyRegExp and valueRegExp pairs, all separated by {;}. For instance:

java -jar CMDRunner.jar --tool Reporter --generate-png test.png --input-jtl results.jtl --width 800 --height 600 \
  --plugin-type PageDataExtractorOverTime --extractor-regexps (serv.*)={;}serv.*=(.*)

Sample Test Plan

Download Example Test Plan