Project Contributors List

Everyone who provided pull request or other contribution, deserves mentioning on this page. See also: contributors list on GitHub


  • Andrey Pohilko - project founder, wrote many plugins
  • Stephane Hoblingre - implemented first PerfMon version, added rich graphs settings, wrote many plugins
  • Cheen-Pin Lim - added WebDriver testing ability


  • Alexey Lavrenuke - LockFile author
  • Mårten Bohlin - DbMon author
  • Lars Holmberg - JMXMon author
  • Matthew Fremont - improved VariablesFromCSV a lot
  • UbikLoadPack Team - implemented RedisDataSet and GraphsGeneratorListener
  • Vincent Daburon and Felix Henry - authors for HttpSimpleTableServer, SynthesisReport, MergeResults, FilterResultsTool, temporal and regex filters for all graphs
  • Sergey Marakhov and Linh Pham - Android Driver Config
  • Bakir Jusufbegovic and Semir Sabic / AtlantBH - a lot of components
  • Jorge S. Cruz - added RemoteDriverConfig for connecting to a Selenium Grid
  • Roy de Kleijn - added NTLM and Internet Explorer support
  • Erik Ostermueller - added support for changing line & legend colors.
  • Flávio Cysne - added PhantomJS option to RemoteCapability enabling connection to a PhantomJS node in a Selenium Grid
  • BlazeMeter Inc. - Concurrency thread group
  • BlazeMeter feat. Dynatrace - Arrivals Thread Groups and Weighted Switch Controller
  • Pascal Treilhes - added connection resilience to JMXMon
  • Ori Marko - Add caseFormat function to JMeter Function
  • Mohamed Ibrahim - GCP PubSub plugin, DI-KafkaMeter plugin, Extended CSV dataset config plugin, Couchbase Plugin