JMXMon Sample Collector



JMXMon lets you plot JMX performance metrics over time when the test is running.


GUI Mode

Just add a "JMXMon Samples Collector" listener where appropriate.

Here are some typical values you might want to use:

URI: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://YOURHOST:6969/jmxrmi or


This field can contains jmeter variables that will be expanded for each call over time if canRetry is checked Why? if a server spawn external process, it can return ip and port for jmx connection. It's up to you to extract those values into variable(s) and use then in URI field

Object name: java.lang:type=Memory

Attribute: HeapMemoryUsage

Key (for composite JMX values): used

Retry : When checked, new connections are attempted during the test and lost connections can be recovered

To change how often the a sample should be taken set the parameter "jmeterPlugin.jmxmon.interval" to the interval in milliseconds, default is every second.

The URL field can be left empty to connect to and monitor the currently running JMeter JVM (since v0.3).

Find attributs informations with JConsole

Launch the JConsole tool (in the JDK /bin directory)

Navigate in the MBean tab Choose the MBean then MBean Info is display Select value in the ObjectName (example Catalina:type=GlobalRequestProcessor,name=http-8080 ) and copy it in the JMXMon Samplers Collector grid column named Object Name

For simple MBean, select the attribut and copy it in the JMXMon Samplers Collector grid column named Attribute

For composite JMX values (like Memory) Select the attribut and the key and copy this 2 strings in the column Attribute and Key