Graphs Generator Listener



Graphs Generator Listener generates the following graphs at end of test:

It also generates since version 1.2.2:

  • a CSV file containing the Aggregate Report data
  • a CSV file containing the Summary Report data

Graphs Generator Listener requires JMeter 2.10 or superior. You can use this listener in 2 ways:

  • to generate CSV or PNG or both formats for current test results
  • to generate CSV or PNG or both formats for existing/previous test results

Generate CSV / PNG for current test results

To do this, you have to ensure Results are flushed to file so that when Graphs Generator Listener runs, it does on a complete file.

You have 2 options:

#Option 1:
  • Configure a View Results Tree so that it outputs results to a file (Use this listener only in NON-GUI mode for performance purposes)
  • Ensure View Results Tree listener is BEFORE Graphs Generator Listener
#Option 2:

Change JMeter settings in to ensure autoflush is used:


In this case, you just need to put Graphs Generator Listener as only listener and run in NON-GUI mode

Generate CSV / PNG for existing/previous test results

To do this, you will have to create a "Fake" test to trigger listener on existing file.

This is very simple:

  • Create one thread group with 1 thread and 1 iteration
  • Put a debug sampler as child of it
  • Run test
  • PNGs or CSVs or Both files will be generated for the results file you have configured in Graphs Generator Listener