Ultimate Thread Group


"Ultimate" means there will be no need in further Thread Group plugins. The features that everyone needed in JMeter and they finally available:

  • infinite number of schedule records
  • separate ramp-up time, shutdown time, flight time for each schedule record
  • and, of course, trustworthy load preview graph


Let's configure Ultimate Thread Group as following:

And then try to run test. Look how predictable our active threads graph is:

Special Property Processing

There is a way to configure thread group from special jmeter property threadsschedule_. Property can be specified either in user.properties file (jmeter.properties also applicable), or from command line like -J "threadsschedule=..."_.

Schedule is specified with a list of spawn directives:

  • spawn(threadsCount, initalDelay, startupTime, holdLoadFor, shutdownTime) - spawns specified threads number and configures start time, ramp-up time, flight time and shutdown time

Duration values (initialDelay, startupTime, holdLoadFor, shutdownTime) may be specified with shorthand, case-insensitive modifiers:

  • s - seconds
  • m - minutes
  • h - hours
  • d - days

Duration setting may be combined like 1d11h23m6s.

Example of load profile string: threads_schedule=spawn(15,1s,1s,1s,1s) spawn(40,1s,3s,1s,2s)