Ideas for Future Versions

Graph plugins

  • disable legend at rows and settings tabs
  • smart grid lines for timeline charts - on minutes, hours, 10s, 5s...
  • Turn all !OverTime graphs into one universal graph?, the same for distribution and pivot?
  • latency distribution and latency percentiles - common solution?
  • RPS vs Response Time graph

Distributed testing

  • Config Plugin (or maybe listener accepting distr test online status): Distributed Test Control Panel


  • use opened files pool in Flexible File Writer and provide dynamic file selection - the same for Raw Data Source?

Web Driver Plugins

  • Enhance Web Driver Sampler by providing a Web Driver Defaults config so that default JS code/functions can be declared and shared between Samplers. (Issue 273)
  • Support Mac accelerator keys on Web Driver Sampler editor. (Issue 272)
  • Include more options in the GUI for configuring Web Driver instances as documented on the Selenium website. (Issue 275)
  • Support collection of W3C Navigation Timing from supported browsers (Issue 277)
  • Support collection of W3C Resource Timing from supported browsers (Issue 278)
  • Support collection of W3C User Timing from supported browsers (Issue 279)
  • Graph data collected from W3C Timings (Issue 281)
  • Write data collected from W3C Timings in the HAR file format. (Issue 280)
  • Provide support for sampling Opera browser (Issue 282)


  • one more AutoStop criteria: when reached desired number of samples, duration criteria
  • ~~random CSV data set [ a need~~ Use the Http STS and READ_MODE=RANDOM
  • a way to specify Composite config in CMD tool
  • a way to change granulation for CSV export (!topic/jmeter-plugins/N7Lz7eCPPSs)
  • convert JsonToXmlConverter into post-processor

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