Remote Driver Config



Add this configuration to enable browser based performance testing using a Remote Selenium Grid. This document covers the various configuration options available on the Remote browser from a Selenium Grid. For an overview of performing client sider performance testing, refer to the Web Driver Tutorial.

Currently we can select the browser where we can execute the load testing from a Selenium Grid.

On startup, the user is presented with the following:

The main part of the Remote Web Driver configuration UI lies in the Remote tab.


Remote Selenium Grid URL

Specify the URL of the Selenium Grid. The URL must be correct, if you specify a wrong URL it will pop up a dialog message showing an error with the URL.


Specify which browser selects from your Selenium Grid. Currently it only selects the browser matching the browserName. So if you are running three concurrent users it will spin three browser instances in a selenium grid node.

Please see the Roadmap document for future plans.