Installing Plugins Manager

The easiest way to get the plugins is to install Plugins Manager. Then you'll be able to install any other plugins just by clicking chekbox.

Download plugins-manager.jar and put it into lib/ext directory, then restart JMeter.

If you experience any issues with plugins installation, don't hesitate to ask at Support Forums.

PerfMon Agent

ServerAgent does not required to be installed into JMeter directory. You should install and launch it on the target server instead. See server agent wiki page for details.

Configure JMeter

JTL files

By default, JMeter do not save threads count in JTL files. If you plan to work with JMeter JTL files, you should enable it by uncommenting in JMETER-INSTALL-DIR/bin/ the line:

and set it to true:

This will enable correct graphs display which deal with threads after reloading the JTL file.

Write Result to File

You need to do similar configuration if you plan to use the save to file functionality in JMeter GUI. You must select "Save Active Thread Counts" in the configuration window:

Click the Configure button:

And select the option:

Configure Plugins

You can configure some of the default behaviors of the plugin by editing JMETERINSTALLDIR/bin/ file and adding the following lines at its end:

# JMeter Plugins config (
# Enable or disable the gradient paint for graphs. Value is true or false, default is true.
# Globaly disable final zeroing lines in all graphs. Value is true or false, default is false.
# Globaly disable current X lines drawing in all concerned graphs. Value is true or false,  default is false.
# Enable or disable graphs Y Axis scaling for better readability. Value is true or false, default is true.
# Use relative time in time based graphs. Value is true or false, default is true.
# Force csv separator character. Default is ',' if decimal separator is '.', ';' otherwise
# Force csv time format (see
# Prefix or not plugin items in JMeter menus. Value is true or false, default is true.
# Force line width for all line graphs. Default is '1.0'.
# Draw markers in relevent line graphs. Default is true.

This is not mandatory, only if you want to change the default behaviors. The options drawGradient, neverDrawFinalZeroingLines, neverDrawCurrentX and useRelativeTime can also be dynamically changed with the Settings Panel.

Old-Style Plugin Sets

If you look for old-style plugin sets up to version 1.4.0, find them here.

Installing Versions Before 1.1.1

JMeter-Plugins version—č before 1.1.1 were shipped via three distribution ZIPs:

  1. - contains plugins, must be unpacked into lib/ext directory inside JMeter
  2. - contains additional JARs used by JSON/HBase/Hadoop/etc plugins, must be upnacked into lib directory inside JMeter
  3. - contains server resource monitoring agent to use with PerfMon Metrics Collector plugin, standalone utility

Installing Versions Before 1.0.0

To install the JMeter Plugins, you simply have to copy the JMeterPlugins.jar file from inside JMETERINSTALLDIR/lib/ext. Now you can restart your JMeter and see jp@gc-prefixed plugins in menus.

If you plan to use the Servers Monitoring Listener, you must also install the server agent on all servers as described here.