JMeterPluginsCMD Command Line Tool


There is small command-line utility for generating graphs out of JTL files. It behave just like right-click context menu on all graphs. The tool can generate PNG, CSV or both.

Note you can use GraphsGeneratorListener if you want to bulk generate graphs after a test or for existing results.


The tool is installed normally with PluginsManager, producing launcher bat/sh files in JMeter's bin directory. Use JMeterPluginsCMD.bat on Windows and on MacOS and Linux.

Usage and Parameters

Generating PNG:

JMeterPluginsCMD.bat --generate-png test.png --input-jtl results.jtl --plugin-type ResponseTimesOverTime --width 800 --height 600

Generating CSV:

JMeterPluginsCMD.bat --generate-csv test.csv --input-jtl results.jtl --plugin-type ResponseTimesOverTime

Yoy may generate CSV and PNG in single tool run. --help will show you short help list on available parameters.

--generate-png <file>generate PNG file containing graph
--generate-csv <file>generate CSV file containing graph data
--input-jtl <file>load data from specified JTL file
--plugin-type <class>which type of graph use for results generation

Use --input-jtl with --plugin-type MergeResults. The file is in JMETER_HOME/bin dir.

You may customize graph drawing and data processing like GUI settings do with optional parameters:

--width <pixels>for PNG only - width of the image, default is 800
--height <pixels>for PNG only - height of the image, default is 600
--granulation <ms>granulation time for samples
--relative-times <yes/no>use relative X axis times, no will set absolute times
--aggregate-rows <yes/no>aggregate all rows into one
--paint-gradient <yes/no>paint gradient background
--paint-zeroing <yes/no>paint zeroing lines
--paint-markers <yes/no>paint markers on data points (since 1.1.3)
--prevent-outliers <yes/no>prevent outliers on distribution graph
--limit-rows <num of points>limit number of points in row
--force-y <limit>force Y axis limit
--hide-low-counts <limit>hide points with sample count below limit
--success-filter <true/false>filter samples by success flag (since 0.5.6), possible values are true, false, if not set no filtering on success flag will occur
--include-labels <labels list>include in report only samples with specified labels, comma-separated
--exclude-labels <labels list>exclude from report samples with specified labels, comma-separated
--auto-scale <yes/no>enable/disable auto-scale multipliers for perfmon/composite graph
--line-weight <num of pixels>line thickness for graph rows
--extractor-regexps <regExps list>list of keyRegExp and valRegExp pairs separated with {;}, only used by PageDataExtractorOverTime
--include-label-regex <true/false>include samples using regular expression
--exclude-label-regex <true/false>exclude samples using regular expression
--start-offset <sec>include in report only samples with (timestamp - relativeStartTime) > startOffset
--end-offset <sec>include in report only samples with (timestamp - relativeStartTime) < endOffset
--yAxisLabel <String>Set Y-Axis label on charts

Plugin Type Classes

Make note that you need to install corresponding plugins set to have Extras plugins available in CMD.

Most of class names are self-explanatory:

  • AggregateReport = JMeter's native Aggregate Report, can be saved only as CSV
  • SynthesisReport = mix between JMeter's native Summary Report and Aggregate Report, can be saved only as CSV
  • ThreadsStateOverTime = Active Threads Over Time
  • BytesThroughputOverTime
  • HitsPerSecond
  • LatenciesOverTime
  • PerfMon = PerfMon Metrics Collector
  • DbMon = DbMon Metrics Collector, DataBase, get performance counters via sql
  • JMXMon = JMXMon Metrics Collector, Java Management Extensions counters
  • ResponseCodesPerSecond
  • ResponseTimesDistribution
  • ResponseTimesOverTime
  • ResponseTimesPercentiles
  • ThroughputVsThreads
  • TimesVsThreads = Response Times VS Threads
  • TransactionsPerSecond
  • PageDataExtractorOverTime
  • MergeResults = MergeResults Command Line Merge Tool to simplify the comparison of two or more load tests, need properties file (like

Maven Plugin

You could also generate graphs with the jmeter-graph-tool-maven plugin