JMS Send and Receive Sampler


This plugin was originally developed by Atlantbh d.o.o., released as jmeter-components, then merged into JP@GC.


If you are using JMS (Java Message Service) to send and receive messages between two or more clients, we have created a sampler which enables you to send and receive messages. It is incorporated into the Java request sampler, to use this sampler choose from the classname dropdown list: com.atlantbh.jmeter.plugins.jmstools.JMSUtil.

To send or receive a message the following needs to specified:

  • connection URL
  • binding url
  • direction
  • message (if we are sending a message)

Connection and Binding URL correspond to Apache QPID server and queue respectively used for either sending or receiving a message. In the message fileld, we define a message we would like to send.

A definition of whether we are a sender or a receipient is defined in direction using either SEND or RECEIVE.

In the header properties, we can add additional; separated properties that we would like to add to our message that we send. Header properties reference on the other hand is the a property where a received message is stored.

Message selector is used as a filter for received messages (ex: variable=’value’). In the QPID case, it is used as a filter on the receipient queue.

Receive timeout is the amount of time a receiver waits for a message to be received. In the case of QPID, it means a time for a message to arrive to a specific queue. Tomeout is defined in ms. If not provided, default value is 3000ms or 30 sec.