Filter Results Tool


Often it's necessary to filter the results of a test to obtain a global vision with pages without all the urls that are declared in the html page.

It should also filter queries that are not calls to the application but debug samplers or intermediate calculation samplers as beanshell samplers.

If you want to remove the ramp-up phase, you could use offset filters.

Usage and Parameters

Filter results with multi parameters

Example 1 :

jmeter\bin\FilterResults.bat --output-file filteredout.csv --input-file inputfile.jtl --include-label-regex true --include-labels "P[1-3].*"

Example 2 :

jmeter/bin/ --output-file filteredout.xml --input-file inputfile.csv --include-label-regex true --include-labels "P[1-3].*" --start-offset 2 --end-offset 180 --success-filter true --save-as-xml true

Parameters are :

--input-file <filenameIn> --output-file <filenameFilteredOut>


--success-filter <true/false> (true : Only success samplers, false : all results by default) --include-labels <labels list> --exclude-labels <labels list> --include-label-regex <true/false> --exclude-label-regex <true/false> --start-offset <sec> --end-offset <sec> --save-as-xml <true/false> (false : CSV format by default) "