The changelog in its current form has stopped from being updated in favor of smaller plugins, with Plugins Manager

2.0 planning

  • all plugin sets are broken up into tens of smaller plugins to be used with Plugins Manager
  • prevent NPEs from sense uploader
  • sense uploader is extracted as separate plugin for pmgr
  • perfmon is extracted as separate plugin for pmgr
  • json components are extracted as separate module for pmgr
  • hadoop set won't be distributed as zip anymore
  • jmxmon : url field can resolves jmeter variables defined during the test and not only at the begining

1.4.0 April 5, 2016

  • BlazeMeter Inc. has contributed XMPP testing plugins
  • BlazeMeter Inc. has contributed PhantomJS support for WebDriver
  • BlazeMeter Inc. has contributed few Thread Groups and Controllers into Standard Set
  • Loadosophia Uploader has been renamed to BM.Sense uploader
  • finally Loadosophia Uploader works well with distributed tests
  • add 2 text fields in PhantomJS WebDriver GUI for phantomjs.cli.args and phantomjs.ghostdriver.args parameters, see
  • Modernize project website, change its look a bit
  • fix consequences of PR #80 further
  • make Dummy Sampler compatible with JMeter 2.12 and earlier
  • add custom functions strReplace and strReplaceRegex (thanks to Dima Lulko for suggesting)
  • add FilterResultsTool command line tool, filter results by label (regex), offset, success, output file XML or CSV format, see
  • change HttpSimpleTableServer command ADD a new line for a file with GET (new) or POST protocols, see
  • change HttpSimpleTableServer no cache for Response, add headers cache control, pragma and expires
  • Add fields to FFW: grpThreads, sampleCount, errorCount, responseHeaderSize, responseSize, URL
  • upgrade JSONPath lib to 2.0.0 to not conflict with core JMeter 3.0, this breaks some cases because of the lib regression
  • fix user agent override for Firefox not enabling the field in UI
  • request clean session from IE webdriver
  • upgrade selenium libraries to 2.52.0
  • Added new option to allow delayed connection or reconnection feature to JMXMon

1.3.1 October 12, 2015

  • add connectTime field into Flexible File Writer
  • add Connect Times Over Time listener to Extras set
  • use JMeter's encoding for converting strings to bytes in FFW
  • fix scheduling bug in TST for sub-rps load
  • fixed permission-denied-error on unix systems in LoadosophiaUploader-reporter when no storeDir is set
  • bump up Selenium dependency to 2.47.0
  • add basic PhantomJS (GhostDriver) capability to Remote WebDriver
  • fix UTG broken by PR #80
  • add Connect Time field to dummy sampler

1.3.0 June 30, 2015

  • Java 7 or higher required
  • JMeter 2.12 or higher required
  • Add SynthesisReport and AggregateReport generation to GraphGeneratorListener and allow generation of both CSV and PNG in one shot
  • add script language selector to WebDriver Sampler
  • WebDriver Sampler UI offers default script text
  • change default of WebDriver sample type to SampleResult
  • Selenium dependency version updated to 2.46.0
  • fix __substring function (thanks to Dima Lulko for reporting)
  • improve thread safety of FFW
  • fix packaging, by mistake many sets were containing Standard Set classes inside
  • add not switch to JSONPath Assertion (thanks to Dima Lulko for suggesting)
  • make JSONPath Assertion to compare value as regexp
  • fix reported issues with JSONPathExtractor, see!topic/jmeter-plugins/fDqEpL3iqi0 and!topic/jmeter-plugins/UvKa5KiM2qo
  • SynthesisReportGui: the 90 percentile is now customizable with JMeter 2.13
  • Make GraphRowSimple Serializable so that you can copy/paste graphs in JMeter
  • Update maven-dependency-plugin to 2.8 and maven-shade-plugin to 2.1 as per
  • Add in multiple ColorsDispatcher classes (CycleColors, HueRotatePalette and CustomPalette). CycleColors is original implementation from 1.2.1
  • Configurable hostname patterns for perfmon metrics (for cleaner charts)
  • AggregateReportGui: Apply format to save csv file
  • Make sure WebDriver sample results have timestamp on errors
  • UltimateThreadGroup: Added parametrization via threadsschedule_ property
  • Add 'description' column to Parameterized Controller
  • deprecated REST Sampler dropped from the codebase
  • Add if function
  • Enable getting output logging from Developer Tool

1.2.1 March 9, 2015

1.2.0 September 16, 2014

  • fix JMeter startup with Extras (!topic/jmeter-plugins/YlnXE_WOXXo)
  • Improved JsonAssertion (
  • add __env function (
  • allow multiline quoted values in VariablesFromCSV config (
  • Graphs Generator : New field Output Folder for better control on output of CSV or PNG
  • Graphs Generator : Bug fix on Filter field, default Undefined selection of Combo on Graphs Generator addition lead to empty graphs if not reselected by user, now defaults to empty.
  • Included Dev-Mode for WebDriver, which keeps the browser window open between runs.
  • New HTTP Simple Table Server to manage the dataset (
  • Graphs plugin : Add filter regular expression and period time (
  • add subSampleStart() and subSampleEnd() to sampleResult of WebDriver Sampler
  • Firefox WebDriver allows its User Agent to be overridden.
  • Extract property for FFW buffer size (!topic/jmeter-plugins/Mldv8vs2L3g)
  • GraphsGeneratorListener: add filter regular expression and period time (
  • New Synthesis Report with filter panel
  • add base64Encode and base64Decode functions
  • REST Sampler is now deprecated in favor of HTTP Request or HTTP Raw Request
  • New Merge Results tool to simplify the comparison of two or more load tests

1.1.3 February 17, 2014

  • New Redis Data Set for distributed equivalent of CSV Data Set
  • add --paint-markers option for JMeterPluginsCMD
  • New Graphs Generator Listener to generate Graphs or CSVs after test is finished or by running a fake test
  • Flexible File Writer allows using \t\r\n in header and footer
  • Fix NPE in Flexible File Writer (!topic/jmeter-plugins/4DWidWMrfVk)
  • Add default value for JSON Path Extractor
  • Supports latest (v.27) Firefox by upgrading to Selenium 2.39.0

1.1.2 October 27, 2013

  • Add HtmlUnitDriver for the WebDriver
  • JMX Monitoring Collector added
  • Fix JMXMon Samples Collector use one jmx connection for the same URL and close connections when test ended
  • Fix DbMon Samples Collector use one jdbc connection for the same Pool Name and close connections when test ended
  • Fix unnecessary console error message in CMDTool
  • Disable UDP in PerfMon and enable it only via property setting
  • allow variables in PerfMon params helper dialog
  • AutoStop plugin is now printing the reason it stopped the test to the JMeter log file
  • fix Loadosophia Uploader not working without additional libs
  • fix Extras With Libs set work with JMeter 2.10 (commons-lang is now shipped)

1.1.1 July 14, 2013

  • Project has moved to new homepage,
  • add active tests support

1.1.0 July 1, 2013

  • add WebDriver sampler
  • add active tests support
  • add __chooseRandom function
  • initial thread burst in stepping thread group (pull request)
  • fifo queues capacity limit property introduced
  • add ability to use CMDTool outside lib/ext dir (issue 240)
  • add std dev to aggregate report for CMDtool CSV export (issue 259)
  • more parsing options for VariablesFromCSV
  • add threadsCount value to Flexible File Writer
  • Add PATCH HTTP method to OAuth Sampler (

1.0.0 February 26, 2013

  • merge AtlantBH's jmeter-components into JP@GC, 13 new plugins added
  • Add option to use either Regular Expressions or Strings for labels in PageDataExtractor
  • fix charts x legend if cmdline tool used (empty granularity)
  • fix issue 223
  • fix copying issues with JMeter 2.9
  • publish artifacts on maven (, issue 218
  • move sources to GitHub ( / / )
  • distribute separate archives for plugins, plugin-libs and perfmon
  • remove old and deprecated perfmon parts

0.5.6 January 16, 2013

  • Database monitoring with DbMon Sample Collector. This listener graph data retrieved from databases with sql queries (thanks to Marten Bohlin for the patch). System queries provides db performance metrics. Thanks to Marten Bohlin for this wonderful feature.
  • Add delta option to page data extractor
  • Minor charts polish (better looking legend)
  • Implement new-style upload with color flag, test title and direct report link
  • fix issue 219
  • add --success-filter option to cmd tool (issue 214)
  • add "Close UDP Socket" option to UDP sampler (issue 133)
  • add fifoSize function

0.5.5 October 19, 2012

  • JMeter 2.8 compatible
  • some issues fixed (issue 204, issue 205)

0.5.4 September 3, 2012

  • Enable command line tool for Page Data Extractor
  • Add option to set globally line width and markers in line charts
  • Some issues fixed (issue 103, issue 134, issue 166, issue 177, issue 179)
  • Some bug fixes:
  • Removed space at end of labels in perfmon (if default metric used)
  • Fix percent value returned by agent for CPU per Process (x100)
  • Agent again JRE 1.4 compatible

0.5.3 June 13, 2012

  • Uploader tries to send PerfMon data too
  • PerfMon unit option to select Bytes, KB, or MB in relevant metrics
  • Some issues fixed (issue 145, issue 154, issue 159, issue 163)
  • Create directories in cmdtool if needed
  • Some graph improvements (better axis labels display for big values)
  • New graph allowing to plot data extracted from page results (status, health pages, etc.)
  • Option to maximize graph panel

0.5.2 May 14, 2012

  • Inter-Thread Communication: plugins & functions
  • added JMX metrics for PerfMon (see forums topic)
  • An option to ignore some samples by sample Label - at Rows tab
  • file header and footer in Flexible File Writer
  • added a LockFile plugin to prevent simultaneous tests to run on same machine
  • ability to disable Composite Graph auto zoom
  • new perfmon wizard
  • some bugs fixed (issue 102 and others)
  • allow label parameter for PerfMon metrics
  • sent JMeter maintainers a patch for undo/redo feature (for their issue 42248)
  • added kg.apc.jmeter.samplers.FileReadChunkSize property to control direct file sending performance
  • Calculate aggregate values only for selected rows - via include/exclude sample labels at Rows tab
  • Raw Data Source can read binary data
  • ability to set line thickness (0 = no line) and markers display in chart settings tab
  • added a property to change CSV export time format (jmeterPlugin.csvTimeFormat)

0.5.0 Dec 11, 2011

  • New PerfMon agent
  • 76 metrics
  • ability to configure PerfMon to monitor single process name/pid/filesystem/network interface.
  • can use UDP or TCP transport
  • ability to monitor custom values
  • old agent still supported transparently
  • Fix Issue 75, Issue 76, Issue 79, Issue 81, Issue 82, Issue 85, Issue 87, Issue 90, Issue 91, and some others
  • Start option (-!JforcePerfmonFile=true) to automatically save PerfMon metrics in a file named perfmon_yyyyMMdd-HHmmss.csv if no file is specified and test is run in non GUI mode
  • Checkbox "overwrite existing file" in Flexible File Writer
  • Saving sample_variables in Flexible File Writer
  • Option to change graph type for Response Time Distribution (bar, line or new cubic spline chart)
  • New Variable from CSV Config - Rich gui with preview, correct scope of variables (will work with perfmon, previous was not)
  • The plugins now use a caching mechanism to manipulate charts. This can provide big performance improvements in some cases.

0.4.2 Aug 30, 2011

  • fixed issue 39, issue 48, issue 49, issue 51, issue 55, issue 64, issue 67, issue 72, issue 74
  • no more need to set up saving active threads - it is done automatically
  • added Uploader
  • additional ramp-up time for steps in Stepping Thread Group (issue 60)
  • Throughput Over Time graph now deprecated in favor of Transactions Per Second
  • Raw Request sending large files efficiently via special field
  • eliminated bright yellow color from graph palette
  • added custom functions: doubleSum, strLen, uppercase, lowercase, MD5, substring, isDefined
  • introduced data read limit for samplers: kg.apc.jmeter.samplers.ResultDataLimit property
  • add latency and sampler data fields to DummySampler
  • PerfMon reingeneering - regular listener architecture
  • PerfMon agent option to limit monitoring of a single PID for mem and cpu
  • InfiniteGetTCPClientImpl class for testing video streams (FLV)
  • User interface polish
  • Graph hover info showing hovered points values

0.4.1 Apr 24, 2011

  • Throughput Shaping Timer - another "killer" feature
  • Command-line tool to save csv and/or image for JTL file.
  • HTTP Raw Request Sampler
  • Raw Data Source !PreProcessor
  • Flexible File Writer
  • AutoStop listener - using average response time or error rate as stop criteria
  • PerfMon: Keep collecting and showing metrics for other servers if one of the servers lost connection
  • PerfMon: Ability to auto stop the Server Agent at end of the test
  • UDP Sampler
  • console runtime status logger listener
  • Added "Bytes Sent" in Bytes Throughput graph
  • Better display of trimmed charts if maxY is forced in settings
  • added prefix for all plugin menu items
  • default description with link to help page for every plugin
  • sample test plans at wiki pages
  • copy row ability in UltimateThreadGroup and PerfMon GUI
  • proper handling of transaction controllers and samplers which download embedded resources in hit/sec, response codes and latency graphs
  • changed row colors generation to new algorithm, more regular
  • percentiles graph use fractions like 99.9
  • important fix: issue 38

0.4.0 Feb 13, 2011

0.3.0 Nov 4, 2010

0.2.1 Aug 9, 2010

0.2.0 Apr 9, 2010

0.1.0 Jan 28, 2010

0.0.2 Dec 13, 2009

  • added graph mode switch "response times/throughput"
  • improved graph resizing
  • added Y axis limit

0.0.1 Jul 5, 2009